Booking & Policies

Our pet sitters are very valuable to us at Jen’s Happy Pets. It is important that we respect their time as well as take great care of you, our clients. Our cancellation policies ensure fairness to all involved. We would hate to turn away any of our clients because we are full, only to have someone cancel on short notice when we could have given services to someone who needed it. We also need to be paid for services provided, in a timely manner!


  • Please make sure walkways are clear of ice, snow, or other debris. If we need to clear it, to safely get to your pets, additional time may be charged!
  • Check fences for holes or loose boards, and let us know if there is a problem area where you pet can escape!
  • Please make sure that all equipment for your pet is in good shape and fits well!
  • Please keep us up to date on any changes with your pets food, health, temperament etc.

 Cancellation and Late Payment Policy –

  • Visits/walks need to be cancelled 5 hours before the start of your time frame.
  • For example, if your time frame is from 11:30 am-1:30 pm, you will need to cancel by 6:30 am in order to avoid a charge.
  • This same policy applies to cancellations for vacation care packages.
  • A late cancel fee ($15) will be charged if cancellation policies are not adhered to or if a scheduled pet-sitter for Jen’s Happy Pets arrives at your house but is turned away.
  • A Late payment fee ($10 per week) will be added for unpaid invoices 14 days after you receive invoice.

 Pet Sitting/Vacation Care Services – 

  • All Jen’s Happy Pet’s Pet Sitting Packages are confirmed in advance and a deposit of 50% is required to reserve your dates.
  • Once you pay your deposit, we reserve your spot.
  • After your dates are booked, there is a 25% cancellation fee applied to any pet-sit that is cancelled.
  • Any package cancelled inside of 48 hours of the first visit results in a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the full amount of the pet sit.