1. I’m interested in services, but how do I get started?

Simply give us a call or send a text at 908-528-6253. Or you can sign on as a new client from the top of the website and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

  1. Do you run background checks on your employees?

Yes. I am very careful about who I select to be part of my team of Petsitter’s.  I run a background check, I call several references, and I meet with them face-to-face to get to know them. I also use my team of Petsitter’s to care for my personal pets when I go away. So, I always ask myself… Am I comfortable giving them my house key?? If I won’t give them my key then I will not be hiring them to care for your pets!

  1. What will be discussed at the meet and greet?

Meet and greets are an opportunity for both the pet owner and Petsitter to get to know one another. This the opportunity for pet parents to go over all the care details for their pets, show their pet sitter where everything is, and go over care for their home including but not limited to which lights to leave on, where the pet food is, cleaning supplies, plants to be watered, etc. 

  1. How will I know how my pets are doing when I’m not home?

With every service we send a message to let our clients know how everything went at the visit and we will include a picture if we are able to get one.

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, ACH, or checks mailed. We do not pick up payments.

  1. How should I tip?

If you choose to tip your pet sitter please leave cash clearly labeled for them or contact them for their Venmo. You may also tip when you make your payment through the app. Tips are not expected but definitely appreciated!

  1. Do you have insurance? What does it cover?

For the safety of my clients, I have Petsitter’s insurance through Pet sitters associates. I also carry additional bonding coverage.  This insurance covers the clients pet, property, and belongings for injury or sickness to the pet, or damages to home or property or theft caused by neglect, dishonesty or accident. My employees are also covered under Workmen’s Compensation insurance. So my clients know that if their pet sitter becomes injured while caring for the pet or on the property, they are protected. This greatly reduces the liability on the Client side. 

  1. What do your visits include?

Our visits include anything that you need done while we are there. You pay for our (time) and let us know what needs to be done during that time. Our service is door to door which means when we walk in the door that’s when we start keeping track of the time. That may be a walk, playtime in the yard, lots of petting and affection, as well as feeding, watering the plants, bringing in the mail, or any other task that you need done. We do always check and refresh the water, give treats, as well as sending a message update after each visit. Please just make sure that your schedule enough time for your petsitter to complete the tasks you require. 

  1. Will my dog interact with dogs or people during your visits?

For the safety of everyone involved we do not interact with any other animals or people during our visits with your pet. This cuts way down on the chance of dog fights, disease spread, or somebody being bitten.

  1. You take care of dogs that can be aggressive?

For the safety of my team, we only care for animals that do not bite or have aggressive tendencies.

  1. Do you take care of nervous dogs?

Nervous dogs are taken on a case by case basis as long as they are not a bite risk. Our nervous dog clients need a gentle approach, and we almost always require several visits to establish a relationship for the comfort of everyone involved. We want to make sure that your dog is comfortable and feels safe with us before you go away.

  1. Will you walk my dog even if he’s not good on the leash?

As long as we can safely walk your dog, we will do so. We may require separate walks if you have multiple dogs, or an extreme cases of dangerous behavior we may need to stay on the clients properly.

  1. Do I give my Petsitter a key or code to get in?

All of our clients are different and some of them use garage codes, others use keys. If you give us codes to get in, we still need to have either hidden key or a lockbox on the premises to access your home in case of power outage or problems with the code. Keys left on the premises are best, as if your regular Petsitter becomes ill, we don’t have to track them down to get your key to care for your pet. We can just access your key from the hidden spot or the lockbox.

  1. How do I schedule services?

All services must be scheduled through the scheduler section of the app or by calling or texting our main line at 908-528-6253. New clients would just schedule pet care by calling or texting.

  1. Do I have to be a regular client to use your service?

You do not have to be a regular client to schedule services with us. However, we do prioritize our regular scheduled clients and always make sure to have a spot for them. After that, it’s a first come first serve basis, and we will fit you in where we are able. 

  1. Will I be charged a fee if I cancel a booked service?

Due to the nature of this type of service, we do experience financial losses with cancellations.  Because of that, I do have cancellation policies in place, depending upon the type of service that you are scheduling. Please review my bookings and policy page.