Services & Rates

PLEASE NOTE: Have dogs AND cats or other small animals? Then our pricing takes that into consideration; if we’re already caring for your dog, cats or other small pets will simply be a small additional fee. Base price would be for your first pet.. small fees applied for additional pets!  Please see all prices listed below.  Please contact us for more information so we can quote your pet’s care correctly. We specialize in personalizing our services to best meet the needs of your pet(s) and family’s lifestyle – please contact us if you’d like to discuss services which aren’t listed below!

PLUS, If you don’t see an option that fits your needs, just ask! 908-528-6253

Included with all services as needed:
☆ Feeding/or treat and fresh water
☆ We will pick up and dispose of waste dropped during our visit
☆ Text update with a photo and status of your pet after each visit
☆ If you are away, we are happy to collect mail and packages, put out the trash, water some plants or any other little task while we are at your home!

Dog Visits

  • $20 – 15-minute visit
  • $29 – 30-minute visit
  • $29- Late Night visits after 9pm! (15 min)
  • $49 – 60-minute visit (the best value!)
  • $5 – Each additional dog at the same household
  • $5-add on cat/small pet care if needed. Feeding, litter, tidy cage etc.
  • $5 – Administer medications/injections (There is no charge for giving meds which can be easily hidden in a treat or food.
  • $3- weekend fee ( additional fee added to visit on Saturdays or Sundays). I pay my team extra for weekends!

PLEASE NOTE: When we’re at your home caring for your dog, cat, small animal, or other pet, we’re happy to water plants, bring in mail, rotate house lights, or any other small tasks at no extra charge!

Cat Sitting/Small Animal Care

  • $25 – For cats, stop by to scoop litter pan, freshen food and water, plus attention and playtime; For small animal care or caged pets, tidy cage or habitat, freshen food and water, plus attention and playtime. This fee covers up to four cats or small pets.  About ( 15 min )
  • $5 – additional cats/small pets after four. ( Lots and Lots of cats??)Call for a special rate!
  • $5 – Administer meds down Throat /injections (There is no charge for giving meds which can be easily hidden in a treat or food.
  • Full cage clean out or habitat may need to be charged at a higher rate. Feel free to call and discuss if this is needed.
  • If you’d like more time you can certainly schedule 30 or 60 minutes instead!

Vacation Care/ House Sitting

No loud kennels here! Just lots of love and individual care for your dog(s), cat(s), small animals, or other pets. Full price for first pet, $5 per additional pet. If you have (many pets) we will discuss custom rate!  We provide all the love, care, and attention that your pet deserves while you can’t be there. Your home is the best place for your pet! For safety and comfort of all the pets in our care my policy is: No less than one visit per every 24 hours for any cat or small animal. For dogs who do not have some kind of a dog door or access to the outdoors, we require three or more visits in a 24 hour period. This is for the comfort and safety of all pets in our care!

  • Choose 3-4 visits per day for stop in care for dogs! Choose and length of visit needed and timeframe. And just let us know what need to be done during each visit like feeding, walking, yard play etc.
  • $20-15 minute visit( great option for a quick potty break)
  • $29-30 minute visit (Typical for stop in service that may include feeding and walks)
  • $49-60 minute visit ( Good option for dogs with lots of energy or extra cuddle time 🙂
  • $29 – Late night visit (for visits needed after 9:00pm) 15 min.
  • $99 – Sleepover service, your Pet sitter will Arrive at your home at 9:30 PM provide short walk or yard time. They will make sure your pet has lots of company and love. When they wake the next morning they will feed, walk your dog etc before leaving around 7:00am. You will need to schedule an additional visit or two for mid day or dinner.
  • $30-Pup sitting, A reduced Hourly rate for clients who need three or more consecutive hours in a row. For instance…clients that can’t leave their dogs alone and need (baby sitting) type service for their fur-baby!
  • $260-House sitting, For clients that need round the clock care for their pets. We will stay at the house as if we live there and only leave from time to time for very short periods..Includes up to 4 pets! ( additional pets may be subject to a small up charge) Please call to discuss!
  • $5 Additional pet fee added to visits with homes that have more than one pet! If you have “Many” pets call for a custom rate!
  • $25 Cat sitting/Small animal care visits! About 15 min. This service covers up to four cats or small animals! Extra pet fees are Additional $5 after the included Four!
  • $3 additional fee for Saturdays and Sundays. (I pay my team extra on the weekends)
  • Don’t see an option to fit your needs? Need to add a visit? Have Questions? Just ask!

Small Farm Animal Care and Dog Waste Cleanup

Please call for a personalized estimate for backyard farm care and dog waste removal services!


We have the experience to provide personalized care to suit your pet’s needs, such as: light grooming, ear cleaning, taxi service, yard cleanup, etc… we also provide garden watering services. Just schedule the amount of time that you need each day! Let’s discuss your pet’s unique needs and pricing!


My Team of awesome pet sitters (give up their holiday) to care for your pets! Holiday fees, allow me to pay my sitters extra on these days 🙂

There is an additional $15 fee added to each visit on a holiday for all (stop in) type services. House sitting (24 hour type service) is additional $40. These holidays include: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, The 4th of July (Independence Day), Memorial Day, Labor Day!