Roxy from Clinton,NJ

I recently relocated into town after accepting a new job. Things were very hectic and I needed to set up care for my dog Roxanne. I called many animal care specialists in the area and Jen’s Happy Pets was the only one who responded quickly. Jen is a very accommodating, qualified, trustworthy , and caring person. Roxanne and I are very happy with the expert service from Jen’s Happy Pets.
~ Tom & Roxy in Clinton, NJ


Piper in Hazlet, NJ

Jennifer is a true animal lover! She is professional, responsible, and completely trustworthy.  She’ll love and care for your pet as if it were her own.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and Jen’s Happy Pets to family and friends.

~ Melissa & Piper in Hazlet, NJ


Coco in Bloomsbury, NJ
Its always comforting to have Jen look after our animals while we’re away.
I know she takes care of them as they were her own animals.
~ Marie & Coco in Bloomsbury, NJ


Max in Asbury
Jen is dependable and trustworthy. She will treat your animals with love and care, and will make them her #1 priority.
She is a terrific pick for an animal caretaker…
~ Cathy & Max in Asbury, NJ


Jen is terrific. She’s very reliable, very caring, and your pets will love her!
I highly recommend using her if you need someone to help out with your pets!

~ Linda in Clinton, NJ



4 comments on “Testimonials”

  1. Sarah Tainow Reply

    Jen is the best! She is reliable and trustworthy! She has watched my children and I wouldn’t think twice about trusting her with my pets! I have seen her interactions with cats and dogs and it’s obvious that she is a true animal lover! With her personality and experience in the profession you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Tom Callari Reply

    I continue to throw Jen curve balls by asking for many different pet services . most of the time, due to my busy travel schedule, I ask her at the last moment. She always accommodates my requests and hits it out of the ballpark! This is the only pet service to use in NJ!

  3. andrew Paton Reply

    Our dog Leo is an old Dawg who used to be a great runner. In his old age he doesn’t get to go many places any more. So when we had to be out of town for ten days we asked Jen to look in on him. She took very good care of Leo. Even sent us pictures of him. If you are looking for someone to go the extra mile with your pet, Jen should be the first person you ask. She has a lot of years experience working with animals.

  4. Tom Callari Reply

    Once again I must comment on Jens team. I believe I was one of Jen’s first clients and then as the business grew she added more members to the team. I can honestly say Jen and her team are the most accommodating and caring people and they take such good care of my Roxanne. Whenever I ask them to help me they never say no. Holidays, weekends, vacations you name it. They even text me pics of Roxanne having fun. Worth…every…penny. Thank you Jen!

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